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Xinghan was invited to Russia International Food Ingredients Exhibition

On February 18, 2020, the Russian International Food Ingredients Exhibition opened in Moscow, the capital of Russia. Henan Xinghan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition is dominated by outstanding production enterprises in the industry, and many internationally famous food production enterprises and excellent export enterprises are all present. The exhibition shows many cutting-edge products, advanced production technology, and equipment technology of the current food industry, accurately reflecting the development trend of the industry; The exhibits are serialized and diversified, covering the fields of food additives and ingredients.

During the exhibition trip, Xinghan lactic acid company harvests a lot. Firstly, through enthusiastic and active communication, lactic acid products (including L-lactic acid (food grade lactic acid, fine grade, polymerization grade), sodium lactate for sale, calcium lactate, feed grade lactic acid, sodium lactate for hair, etc.) exhibited by the company gained extensive attention from attendees, which created opportunities for the company's products to be sold overseas. 

Secondly, despite the adverse factors of the domestic epidemic in this exhibition, Xinghan Company grasped the opportunity, actively promoted itself, and got acquainted with a large number of potential customers, for example for industry members of soap, lactic acid in making soap is so important to them, all of these helped the company to expand the lactic acid foreign trade market and laid a solid foundation for lactic acid products to enter the international market.

xinghan lactic acid vs sodium lactate

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