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lactic acid products used in skin care
lactic acid products used in skin care

Heat Resistant Lactic AcidWholesale

The company's Xinghan heat-resistant lactic acid (90% lactic acid content) is produced by using corn stalk as raw material and using modern fermentation refining technology. This product is colorless and clarified viscous liquid, no bad smell, slightly sour taste, hygroscopicity, acidic reaction of aqueous solution, can be mixed with water, ethanol or ether, and is insoluble in chloroform.

CAS NO. 79-33-4 

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Information of Heat Resistant Lactic Acid

Basic Information
Chemical NameL(S)-2-hydroxypropionic acid
Molecular  FormulaCH3CHOHCOOH
Molecular  Weight90.08
Technical Indicator
LdentificationWater solution is acidic,lactate presents positive reaction
lactic acid content  ,w/%95.0-105.0 of marked value
L-content of lactic acid in the total lactic acid ,w/%≥98.0
Lghition residue ,w/%≤0.01
Chloride(calculated as C1),w/%≤0.001
Sulfate(calculated as SO4),w/%≤0.001
Iron salt(calculated as Fe),w/%≤0.0001
Citric acid,oxalic acid,phosphoric acid,tartaric acidPassed the experiment
Reducing sugarPassed the experiment
Readily carbonizable substancePassed the experiment
Heating chroma(180℃ 2hs),APHA≤10
Volatile fatty acidsPassed the experiment
Heavy metal(calculated as Pb),mg/kg≤5
Ether insolublesPassed the experiment
Calcium salt,mg/kg≤1

Heat Resistant Lactic Acid Applications

The lactic acid name is a-hydroxypropionic acid, which is widely used in pharmaceutical, brewing, food, beverage, health care products, paper, leather, cigarette, paint, ink, electroplating and plastics industries and oil pipeline anticorrosion. Because lactic acid is easily absorbed by the body, it directly participates in the body's metabolism and promotes digestion. It is called "muscle lactic acid" and is a shining star in the field of bio-chemicals and fine chemicals.

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