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General Manager-He Zhihua Attended The Biodegradable Material Industry Task Force Work Report Meeting

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On January 27, 2022, Wan Zhengfeng, mayor of Puyang City, presided over a briefing meeting on the work of the special class of biodegradable materials industry, listened to the report on the work of the special class of biodegradable materials industry and the development planning of the county (district) biodegradable materials industry, and arranged and deployed the current key work. Liu Bing, member of the Standing Committee of Puyang Municipal Committee and Secretary of Nanle County Party Committee, Sun Yongzhen, deputy mayor, Li Lirong, vice-chairman of the Municipal CPPCC and chairman of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, He Zhihua, general manager of Henan Xinghan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. attended the meeting as representatives of leading enterprises in biodegradable materials industry.

At the meeting, the responsible comrade of Municipal Science and Technology Bureau reported the work development of biodegradable material industry class in 2021, the work planning of this year and the establishment of industrial technology innovation strategic alliance; The government of Nanle County and the Administrative Committee of the Development zone reported the industrial development planning and the next step forward measures. The general manager of Xinghan Company, He Zhihua, reported the current production and operation of the company, the difficulties faced and the next step development planning. Wan Zhengfeng listens while taking notes, interjects communication from time to time, and on the spot to solve the problems existing in the enterprise.

Wan Zhengfeng requirements, one to speed up the project construction and production. Find out the basis of the project and build the actual project ledger. The projects that have been signed should be started as soon as possible, and the projects that have been started should reach production as soon as possible. Second, we need to recruit and promote new projects. We will increase our efforts to attract investment abroad, highlight recruitment and attract strength, clarify the division of tasks, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in landing major projects and expanding industrial clusters. Third, we should optimize the guarantee of project elements. We will strengthen coordination with enterprises and provide greater support for factors such as water, electricity, gas, land, capital and approval, so as to create a good environment and provide good services for enterprises' development. Fourth, we need to improve the project promotion mechanism. We should give full play to the role of the task force, hold a monthly meeting of the task force, strengthen command and dispatch, adhere to the problem-oriented and result-oriented approach, strengthen communication with enterprises, raise and solve problems, and promote the implementation of responsibilities and work.

At present, the whole country is forming a new pattern of joint efforts to polish the ecological background of green development. As a "leading enterprise" with distinctive product characteristics, high industry visibility and strong competitiveness, Xinghan Company will continue to seize the opportunities of the national "double carbon" and "plastic ban", accelerate the construction of 200,000 tons/year high-light pure polymerization grade L-lactic acid project, and promote industrial use of lactic acid to constantly seize the industrial heights. Expand the scale of production, and make new and greater contributions to promote the layout of biodegradable materials and industrial process, build a green, low-carbon and circular economy system, and realize the ecological beauty picture of "blue sky, green water, strong sense, economic environment" in the new era.

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