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Lactic Acid Used in Agrochemicals

Xinghan polymer grade lactic acid (with a lactic acid content of 98.5%) is produced from corn straw using modern fermentation technology. This product is a colorless and clear viscous liquid, free from harmful gases, slightly acidic, hygroscopic, and acidic in aqueous solutions. Lactic acid disinfectant can be mixed with water, ethanol, or ether, and is insoluble in chloroform. It is widely used in pesticide additives and industrial products. Polymeric grade lactic acid can be used at high temperatures.

Lactic Acid Used in Agrochemicals

Function of Lactic Acid in Agrochemicals & Fertilisers

One of the common industrial use of lactic acid is the production of agrochemicals and fertilisers to improve the solubility of active ingredients, reduce the viscosity of formulations, and increase the shelf life of products. It can also be used to increase the efficiency of active ingredients, allowing for the use of lower doses, which can reduce the environmental impact of agrochemicals and fertilisers. Additionally, it can be used to boost the efficiency of surfactants, enabling more efficient coverage and uptake.

Gallery of Lactic Acid Used in Agrochemicals & Fertilisers

gallery of lactic acid products used in agrochemicals fertilisers
lactic acid products
lactic acid products used in agrochemicals fertilisers
Other Lactic Acid Industrial Uses
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