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Lactic Acid Use
Calcium lactate, magnesium, zinc and iron can strengthen minerals in sports health drinks, juices, diet foods and baby products. They are water-soluble, moderate in taste, easy to be absorbed and utilized by.
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Multi-use of Lactic Acid Products
Multi-use of Lactic Acid Products
Calcium lactate, magnesium, zinc and ironcan strengthen minerals in sports healthdrinks, juices, diet foods and baby products.They are water-soluble, moderate in taste easy to be absorbed and utilized by.
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Lactic Acid Applications
There are many lactic acid types. Applications of its rich family members: L-lactic acid is a big star in food and beverages. D-lactic acid plays an important role in some fermented products. DL-lactic acid, which combines the characteristics of L-type and D-type, is widely used in the fields of medicine and cosmetics. As a lactic acid China factory with rich experience, no matter what kind of lactic acid you need, lactic acid sale in Xinghan can meet your needs.
Lactic Acid Industrial Uses
Industrial Application

It can be added to pesticide products feed additives and used as cigarette moisturizing products.

Lactic Acid In Food & Beverage Industry
Food & Beverage

Lactic acid is a common food additive used for a variety of applications. It is often used as a preservative, flavor enhancer, or pH adjuster in food and beverage products.

Lactic Acid In Medicine & Healthcare
Healthcare & Medical

Lactic acid is used in the healthcare and medical industry to help treat a variety of conditions. It can be used as a topical treatment for acne, wrinkles, age spots, and other skin conditions.

Lactic Acid for Personal Care
Personal Care

Sodium Lactate is a popular ingredient for personal care products, such as cleansers, moisturizers, and exfoliators. Its an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even skin tone, and improve skin hydration.

Lactic Acid In Feed & Pet Food
Feed & Pet Food

Lactic acid is an organic acid that is used in a variety of feed and pet food applications. It is a natural preservative and can be used to extend the shelf life of feed and pet food products.

Liquid Lactic Acid Types in Xinghan Lactic Acid Factory
L-Lactic Acid
As a trusted lactic acid company, Xinghan heat-resistant lactic acid (90% lactic acid content) is produced by using corn stalk as raw material and using modern fermentation refining technology. This product is a colorless and clarified viscous liquid, no bad smell, slightly sour taste, hygroscopicity, and acidic reaction of an aqueous solution, can be mixed with water, ethanol or ether, and is insoluble in chloroform.
Buy L-Lactic Acid CAS NO. 79-33-4
Sodium Lactate for Sale
Sodium acetate from Xinghan lactic acid factory, guaranteed quality and compliance. Sodium lactate is a salt derived from lactic acid, which is produced by fermentation of certain carbohydrates. It is used as a preservative in food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and as a buffering agent in cosmetics. It is also used in medical applications, such as in the treatment of high blood pressure, and to reduce the risk of sepsis in newborn babies.
Buy Sodium Lactate CAS NO. 867-56-1
Introduction of Xinghan: High-Tech Drived Lactic Acid China Supplier

Henan Xinghan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2015 and is located in the National Bio-based Materials Industrial Park in Puyang City, Henan Province. Xinghan lactic acid factory is a high-tech enterprise integrating deep processing of agricultural products, bio-fermentation, and bio-manufacturing. As a professional lactic acid company, we truly form an integration of "production, learning, and research", driving technological progress in the lactic acid industry and promoting local and national economic development!

About Xinghan - A L-Lactic Acid Company
About Xinghan
About Xinghan - A L-Lactic Acid Company

Henan Xinghan Biological Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2015 with a registered capital of 100 million RMB. It is located at the national-level bio-based materials industrial park. The lactic acid company is one of the large-scale food additives production of high-tech enterprises, combining agricultural products intensive processing, biological fermentation, and biological manufacturing.

The company is mainly engaged in harvesting, storage, and comprehensive utilization of crop straw; Research and development of biomass energy and biomass materials; production and sales of starch sugar, lactic acid food additive wholesale, sodium lactate for sale, calcium lactate, and ethyl lactate. The products are mainly used in food, medicine, biodegradable plastics, and other fields.

Consistently adhering to the concept of 'Best Price, Best Quality, Customer First. Service First', the lactic acid wholesale company has strengthened its operation and management. And has passed  ISO9001 Quality Management ISO14001 Environmental Management, HACCP Food Safety Management, OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management HACCP, GMP, FAMI-QS, CNAS, KOSHER, HALAL, BRC, FDA, and other authoritative system certification and food certification. The company is granted many awards of Key Laboratory of Fermentation Technology in Puyang City, Advanced Unit of Key Construction Projects in Puyang City, Zhengzhou University Graduate Innovation Practice Base, Nanle County Industries Leader Featured in Biology-based.

The company invested 440 million RMB to construct the second phase of the project, which has been officially put into production on October 18, 2019, with an annual output of 30,000 tons, an annual output value of 400 million RMB, and an annual profit tax of 80 million RMB. Adhering to the concept 'Produce World-class Products and Build World-class Enterprise' the company continues to consolidate the foundation of enterprise management introduce high-end talents and increase the scientific and technological research and development, thus promoting the optimization and upgrading of an enterprise.

In the future our company is willing to work with partners to create a biotechnology base owning the quality brand, science, and technology innovation, friendly environment, and harmonious humanity, thus forming an integrated group enterprise with"production, study and research", so as to make greater contributions in driving the industry technology progress and in promoting local and national economic development!

About Us
120 mu
cover area
30000 tons
annual output
400 million
annual output value
80 million
annual profit tax
One Stop Service Xinghan Lactic Acid Factory Provides
Best Price, Best Quality, Customer First, Service First
Quality Ensure

Xinghan lactic acid company's lactic acid bulks are shipped from the original lactic acid factory, the first-hand source of goods, after-sales service fast response.

Competitive lactic acid price

Our lactic acid wholesale have competitive prices and can bring greater benefits to customers.


Focus, professional, wholeheartedly solve user problems, lactic acid China supplier Xinghan provides one-stop service to solve processing problems at one time.

Good Service

As a leading lactic acid company in China, we provide one-stop service, which can bring maximum convenience to customers and lactic acid factory seekers.

Blogs & News of Xinghan Lactic Acid Factory
Xinghan was invited to Russia International Food Ingredients Exhibition
Feb. 18. 2022
Xinghan was invited to Russia International Food Ingredients Exhibition
Mobilize the whole province to concentrate on projects, promote investment and increase momentum.
General Manager-He Zhihua Attended The Biodegradable Material Industry Task Force Work Report Meeting
Jan. 27. 2022
General Manager-He Zhihua Attended The Biodegradable Material Industry Task Force Work Report Meeting
The two sides had in-depth communication on the development plan and other issues of Xinghan biological industry
The Group Chairman Huang Kezheng As A Representative Of The Speech
Oct. 08. 2021
The Group Chairman Huang Kezheng As A Representative Of The Speech
Xinghan Company is wholly owned by Henan Installation Group
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