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Lactic Acid Used in Textile & Leather

Lactic acid is a natural, renewable material that has many applications in the textile and leather industries. It is a versatile and eco-friendly product that is capable of providing many benefits to the industry. It can be used as a tanning agent, a softening agent, a cleaner, a dyeing agent, and a brightener. In addition to promoting sustainability, lactic acid can also improve the strength, appearance, and feel of fabrics and leathers. It is a cost-effective and efficient solution that can help to reduce costs and improve the quality of the final product.

Lactic Acid Used in Textile & Leather

Innovative Lactic Acid Finishing Techniques for Textiles and Leathers

Modern textile and leather manufacturing industries are increasingly relying on innovative liquid lactic acid finishing techniques to obtain desired surface properties. This eco-friendly process offers a range of advantages such as improved softness, dimensional stability, and antimicrobial properties to textiles and leathers. Moreover, such industrial application of lactic acid is for imparting various colors and textures to the materials.

Other Lactic Acid Industrial Uses
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